KATIE SMITH – [email protected]

Director Of Communications

Katie Smith is the Director of Communications for Avalon Healing Center. In her almost 10 years with Avalon, Katie has worn and continues to wear several different hats; overseeing marketing and social media, co-planning and visioning events, office administration, volunteer coordinating, and community outreach. In addition she co-facilitates the art therapy program– which has been a great source of joy in her position. Katie is passionate about the arts and believes them to be a great healing tool for trauma survivors. “I have been with Avalon for almost a decade now, I’m one of the original employees to start working with the company, when we were known as WC SAFE. It has been such a privilege to be on this journey, and to see us grow from a tiny, grassroots, non-profit to an organization that is expanding their communication platform, reaching more and more survivors in need of our services. I mean that is why we exist. To touch as many lives as we can. To be there for survivors when they need us most. The work I have done with Avalon comes from my heart and I’m so proud to work for this company. This is more than just a job for me, it’s a calling, a way to give back to the community and make a difference in any way I can.” Katie has dual bachelor degrees in art history and communications from the University of Toledo.